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What we eat influences our productivity and the way we feel throughout the day. Consuming a balanced diet can provide the energy needed to lead a purposeful and happy life. A healthy diet also helps prevent the development of numerous chronic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, osteoporosis, dental disease, and some cancers.

Dietary needs are different for everyone, and that’s why Kent State offers a variety of services to help you optimize your nutrition on or off campus. Whether you are seeking a safe, comfortable place to breast feed, nutrition counseling, or vegetarian/vegan dining options, you can find all of that and more right here. 

Be Well Solutions-Employee Wellness

Kent State University’s Division of Human Resources is pleased to partner with Be Well Solutions to enhance our commitment to support and promote the health and well-being of the university community. 

All full-time, benefits eligible employees have the opportunity to participate in a number of resources around nutrition, exercise, emotional balance, being a smart patient….to name a few. In addition, employees have access to a confidential online health risk assessment (HRA), complemented by on-site biometric health screenings offered by Be Well Solutions.

Be Well Solutions will offer telephone, online, and face-to-face health coaching to all benefits eligible employees. Health coaches can assist individuals in addressing any concerns or risk factors that may have been discovered during their assessment or they may also help with personal wellness-related goals. Examples of this include smoking cessation, developing a 5K training plan or weight management. 

Contact:  Be Well Solutions

Phone:  216-378-0888



Eligible:  KSU employees

Cost:  N/A

Additional Information: 

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Campus Kitchen Pantry (CKP)

The purpose of the Campus Kitchen Pantry (CKP) at Kent State University is to supplement individuals that are food insecure and in need of assistance with free food. We provide supplemental support and are not intended to provide an individual’s appropriate nutritional intake. There are other pantries on campus (Women’s Center and Pan-African Studies), as well as off-campus meal programs.

Contact: Alex Drungil

Phone: 330-672-7876



Eligible:  Students, faculty, staff and community members that need food assistance. 

Items We Carry: We generally carry a heavy stock of produce and bread with smaller quantities of meat, dairy and dry-good items.

Cost: Free

Additional Information:

Where: The loading dock behind Beall/Mcdowell Halls (near basketball court)

When:  5:00-7:00 pm Mondays 
             2:00-4:00 pm Fridays

Please bring bags or other means to transport your food.

Individuals who are experiencing an immediate food crisis should contact the Campus Kitchen for emergency support. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact 

Center for Nutrition Outreach-EHHS

The Center of Nutrition Outreach in the College of Education, Health and Human Services provides free to low cost nutrition service to all part-time and full-time Kent State students and employees, and residents of Portage County. The Center provides individual/family nutrition education on weight control, cardiovascular/hypertension, digestive disorders, diabetes, eating disorders, general nutrition/wellness, pediatric nutrition, childhood obesity, sports nutrition, vegetarianism, food allergies, and food safety. A Registered Dietitian coordinates the program in collaboration with the Kent State University Nutrition and Dietetics faculty. 

Contact:  Tanya R. Falcone MS, RDN, LD

Phone:  330-672-2063



Eligible:  KSU students, employees, Portage County community

Cost: Option 1: traditional one on one appointments. These appointments are free to all KSU students and employees. This include 1 appointment per month, and includes all measurements such as weight, body fat measurements and blood pressure. Option 2: wellness coaching over the phone. These appointments are all free for all KSU students and employees. This includes: 1 face to face appointment to get all measurements and assess goals followed by weekly appointments over the phone, all for free. Portage county members cost is assessment on a sliding scale with cost of appointments ranging from $0 to $20 for initial, and $0 to $10 for follow up appointments. 

Additional Information:  The Nutrition Outreach Program is located in 200 Nixson Hall. 

Food 4 Thought Cafe-EHHS

Located in halls White and Bowman on the Kent State Main Campus, Food 4 Thought Cafe has based our operation on the premise that fresh foods can be flavorful and healthy, but also quick and inexpensive to produce. Many healthy (and delicious) options devoid of animal products are available to meet the needs of the vegetarian and vegan population. F4TCC is independent from Dining Services and unfortunately cannot accept student dining plans. Flashcash, cash and credit are accepted. Cafe employees are students of the Nutrition and Dietetics or Hospitality Management programs at KSU. All profits are allocated for student initiatives. 

Contact:  Greta Siler



Eligible:  KSU students, employees.

Cost:  N/A

Additional Information:  N/A

Impact Solutions Employee Assistance and Work Life Program-University Benefits

In life, you face a whole range of everyday issues and questions. While managing your work, personal and family needs can become a daily challenge. That's why Kent State University provides the Employee Assistance and Work/Life program through Impact Solutions

The IMPACT program can assist with problems such as stress, anxiety, depression, child management, marital concerns or substance abuse. They can also provide assistance for child or elder care, financial or legal matters. All resources are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. IMPACT services are confidential and provided by credentialed professionals.

IMPACT provides up to six confidential counseling sessions, at no cost. If treatment or services needed go beyond the six sessions, IMPACT will make every effort to transition the client to a provider that participates in their network. 

There are no limitations to telephonic or online resources provided by IMPACT or its comprehensive work/life website. 

Contact:  Impact Solutions

Phone:  800-227-6007


Eligible:  KSU employees and family members

Cost:  N/A

Additional Information:  The username to the site is “kent”.  

You can reach IMPACT directly at 1-800-227-6007,  24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Lactation Rooms

There are several designated lactation rooms on the Kent Campus and one room at each Regional Campus and the Twinsburg Academic Center. Each room has a table and chair and some locations also have a small refrigerator.

Contact:  Women’s Center at   330-672-9230, or

Contact: Human Resources at 330-672-2100, or


Eligible: KSU students, employees, visitors

Cost:  N/A

Additional Information: It is recommended to call the location contact in advance for availability. 

Healthy Campus Dining-University Dining Services

University Dining Services is committed to making it easy for our students, employees and the community to make healthy food choices on campus. A sustainable, healthy diet is one filled with fresh, flavorful, satisfying foods that fit your life. Our chefs are experts in making good-for-you food delicious and satisfying, and preparing food in ways that make eating well something to look forward to. Selections in our dining halls and markets endorsed with the Kent State of Wellness logo help you to identify the healthiest choices. 

Contact:  Madison Jordan, Health and Wellness Manager


Healthy Campus Dining Website  

Eligible:  KSU employees, KSU students and the community

Cost:  N/A

Additional Information: 

Nutrition Tracking-University Dining Services

Students and employees interested in what’s being served in our dining halls and markets are encouraged to download the Campus Dish app for menus and nutrition information at their fingertips. The Campus Dish app is available for download in Google Play and the iTunes Store. After downloading the app, search for ‘Kent State University’ and then click Create Account to get started. 

Interested in tracking your personal nutrition goals? Download the MyFitnessPal app to your mobile device for easy calorie and nutrient tracking! To add items to your food diary, simply search ‘Aramark on Campus’ followed by the menu item.

Contact:  Madison Jordan


Campus Dish Website

Eligible:  KSU employees, KSU students and visitors

Cost:  N/A

Additional Information:  N/A

True Balance Station-University Dining Services

For students and employees dining with food allergies, we offer the True Balance station in Eastway Café. This station serves lunch and dinner entrees and side dishes made without seven of the eight major allergens, in addition to gluten. Foods served at this station are prepared in separate cooking equipment and all chefs and managers have completed a food allergy training program. 

Kent State University is honored to be the first Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) Certified dining location on a college campus in the U.S. Located in Prentice Hall, Prentice Café prides itself in being a safe-zone for students and employees with gluten intolerance and Celiac disease.  

Contact:  Madison Jordan


True Balance Food Allergy Website

Eligible:  KSU students, KSU employees and visitors

Cost:  N/A

Additional Information:  N/A

University Health Services

University Health Services is a full-service primary care medical facility. We can meet the majority of your health care needs including acute problems such as fevers, respiratory illnesses, stomach pains, sprains and strains, skin rashes, and minor emergencies. Appointments in our general medical and women’s health clinic are available for students and employees. Most insurance plans accepted and reasonable self-pay rates are available. 

Contact: University Health Services

Address: 1500 Eastway Drive, Kent State University, Kent OH, 44242

Phone: 330-672-2322


  • Medical Appointments​
  • Laboratory Services:
  • Pharmacy:
  • Radiology:

Eligible:  KSU students, KSU employees

Cost:  Costs are dependent on service needed.

Additional Information:  Insurance may be billed for services.

Women's Center Pantry

The Women’s Center provides a pantry for those in need. Funding for perishable goods is also available. The Women's Center Pantry provides staples such as pasta, sauces, canned fruits and vegetables, rice, tuna, cereal, paper products, personal care items. etc., available free of charge to students, faculty and staff in need. While female identifying campus community members are the focus of the initiative, the pantry is available to anyone in need.

Contact:  Women’s Center

Phone:  330-672-9230

Address: Williamson House, 1200 Main St., Kent, Ohio



Eligible: KSU students, employees

Cost:  N/A

Additional Information: You may contact the Women’s Center at 330-672-9230.