Resiliency Series

WEBINAR: Gaining Resiliency, Optimism and Confidence
Originally presented on March 7, 2019 

This webinar is part 1 of a 2-part series. 

Ever been through a really tough time in your life and wondered if you had what it took to cope with it? Most likely you have. But it is not the presence or absence of tough times that is most important, but how we handle them. Participants will examine the human traits of Resiliency, Optimism and Confidence. They will explore what promotes or erodes these in our lives and learn some skills to develop these within themselves and help others to do so as well. (Presenter: Sandra Bishop)

Participation in part 1 of this series is a prerequisite to the Mar. 14 presentation, "Restoring Your Resilience".



WEBINAR: Restoring Your Resiliency 
Originally presented on March 14, 2019 

This webinar is part 2 of a 2-part series and is designed as a follow-up to the Prerequisite 1-hr seminar, “Gaining Resiliency, Optimism and Confidence”.

It’s easy to conclude that a person with a higher internal resiliency handles stress better, faces and copes with trials and tribulations better, and has less fear/more confidence about the future. While no one would argue that resilience is an essential trait to possess, most of us don’t know how to increase our level of resilience. 

This seminar is geared toward the “flip side of the coin” of your resiliency. In other words, what life experiences or elements in your life are impeding or hindering your resiliency? When you can identify those, you can take practical steps to resolve them, and thereby restore your innate resiliency. 

Participants will engage in exercises to evaluate these hindrances, and develop a strategy to continue the journey of becoming more resilient, including personal action steps for each participant. (Presenter: Sandra Bishop)

This two-part series is worth 40 points (20 points-part 1, 20 points-part 2) for full-time, benefits eligible employees participating in the Wellness your Way program.