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Smoking and tobacco use remains the single largest preventable cause of death and disease in the United States. With Kent State transitioning to a smoke-free, tobacco-free university, now is a better time than any to consider quitting. As part of our initiative to become a smoke-free, tobacco-free university, Kent State is committed to providing services and resources to help our employees and students kick the habit!

Nicotine replacement therapy and prescription coverage for medications prescribed for smoking cessation are covered by the university-sponsored health plans. This coverage extends to employees and their eligible dependents age 18 and older who are covered under the university-sponsored prescription plan.

Use the links below to find cessation resources for both employees and students provided by Kent State and our partners in wellness. You will discover resources from Apps to help you quit to multi-week smoking cessation counseling programs. If you are ready to live smoke- and tobacco-free, you have the support to make it happen!

Be Well Solutions-Employee Wellness

Kent State University’s Division of Human Resources is pleased to partner with Be Well Solutions to enhance our commitment to support and promote the health and well-being of the university community. 

All full-time, benefits eligible employees have the opportunity to participate in a number of resources around nutrition, exercise, emotional balance, being a smart patient….to name a few. In addition, employees have access to a confidential online health risk assessment (HRA), complemented by on-site biometric health screenings offered by Be Well Solutions.

Be Well Solutions will offer telephone, online, and face-to-face health coaching to all benefits eligible employees. Health coaches can assist individuals in addressing any concerns or risk factors that may have been discovered during their assessment or they may also help with personal wellness-related goals. Examples of this include smoking cessation, developing a 5K training plan or weight management. 

Contact:  Be Well Solutions

Phone:  216-378-0888



Eligible:  KSU employees

Cost:  N/A

Additional Information: 

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Employee Wellness (visit Calendar of Wellness Offerings)

On these pages you will find information about upcoming wellness events, contact for Move Communities, Wellness in the Community, Wellness Challenges, our Wellness Partners and Ambassadors and Smoking Cessation assistance.

Contact:  University Wellness at 330-672-7505 or


Eligible:  KSU Employees


Great American Smokeout-University Health Services

The Great American Smokeout is a chance for smokers to give up tobacco for 24 hours; if you can quit for a day, why not forever? The Great American Smokeout is held every year on the third Thursday in November.

Contact:  University Health Services, Office of Health Promotions

Address: 1500 Eastway Drive, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio

Phone:  330-672-8266



Eligible:  KSU students, employees, spouse, child dependents, community

Cost:  N/A

Additional Information:  N/A

Impact Solutions Employee Assistance and Work Life Program-University Benefits

In life, you face a whole range of everyday issues and questions. While managing your work, personal and family needs can become a daily challenge. That's why Kent State University provides the Employee Assistance and Work/Life program through Impact Solutions

The IMPACT program can assist with problems such as stress, anxiety, depression, child management, marital concerns or substance abuse. They can also provide assistance for child or elder care, financial or legal matters. All resources are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. IMPACT services are confidential and provided by credentialed professionals.

IMPACT provides up to six confidential counseling sessions, at no cost. If treatment or services needed go beyond the six sessions, IMPACT will make every effort to transition the client to a provider that participates in their network. 

There are no limitations to telephonic or online resources provided by IMPACT or its comprehensive work/life website. 

Contact:  Impact Solutions

Phone:  800-227-6007


Eligible:  KSU employees and family members

Cost:  N/A

Additional Information:  The username to the site is “kent”.  

You can reach IMPACT directly at 1-800-227-6007,  24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Smoking Cessation-Human Resources-Benefits

Kent State University is committed to become one of the healthiest campuses in the nation.  Effective July 2017, Kent State became a smoke and tobacco-free university.   We understand that "kicking the habit" is hard to do.  That's why Kent State has multiple resources to help you kick that habit:


Smoking Cessation Program-University Health Services

The Office of Health Promotion has partnered with the American Cancer Society to offer KSU students a chance to participate in the American Cancer Society’s Smoking Cessation Program. The program is designed to help smokers by providing information and strategies to support a personal effort to stop smoking.

Contact:  Scott Dotterer, University Health Services, Office of Health Promotions

Phone:  330-672-8266



Eligible:  KSU students.

University Health Services

University Health Services is a full-service primary care medical facility. We can meet the majority of your health care needs including acute problems such as fevers, respiratory illnesses, stomach pains, sprains and strains, skin rashes, and minor emergencies. Appointments in our general medical and women’s health clinic are available for students and employees. Most insurance plans accepted and reasonable self-pay rates are available. 

Contact: University Health Services

Address: 1500 Eastway Drive, Kent State University, Kent OH, 44242

Phone: 330-672-2322


Eligible:  KSU students, KSU employees

Cost:  Costs are dependent on service needed.

Additional Information:  Insurance may be billed for services.