University Challenge Kickoff

Come to our Kickoff Party!

Whether you are an On the Move Challenge veteran or new to On the Move, we are here to set the pace and the fun for the upcoming On the Move University Challenge—which officially begins Oct. 2, 2017

Come to our launch event where you can enjoy food, fun, prizes and try out a host of awesome activities with your fellow KENT STATE teammates.  Feeling a little mighty and strong…how about a tug-of-war challenge?  Ever wanted to try archery?  Well, we have Chris John and friends to teach you how to aim and shoot!  Perhaps you are in the climbing mode and want to try rock climbing or something a bit less physical, such as badminton, corn hole or Kin-Ball.  And, if nothing else, spectating and mingling with coworkers is always a fun way to break up your day!

As we say in the On the Move world, all movement matters! No need to feel like you have to be an Olympic athlete. The only requirement is to come and have some fun. Don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. University Challenge T-shirts will be available for pickup, and plenty of prizes will be raffled off. Light refreshments will also be provided.

Print the Kickoff Party Flier (PDF) and Share!

Here is what you want to do to get started. 

  1. Get yourself registered for the On the Move University Challenge, as follows: 
    • If you are currently signed up in Life on The Move at, you will automatically be enrolled in the University Challenge through the Life on the Move platform on Oct. 2. Just continue to complete your weekly activities in Life on the Move. Starting Oct. 2, your points will be added to TEAM KENT STATE and our leaderboard; or
    • If you are not currently in the Life on the Move platform, please sign up at with registration code KentStateThrives247. Once logged in, complete your profile to get started. Having trouble registering for the University Challenge? We’ll have team members at the Kick Off Celebration to assist!
  2. Register to come to our Kick Off Celebration on Sept. 29! Event hours 11:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. Come, have some fun! 
    • Enjoy light refreshments.
    • Jump into a fun activity or two.
    • Visit and strategize with co-workers.
    • WIN PRIZES!  We have lots of prizes!!!

What activities will we have? 


Have some fun with co-workers volleying an abnormally large sized ball.

Participants can jump in anytime.

KanJam (aka Trash Can Frisbee)

Play in teams of two and work together to get your frisbee in the can

Participants can jump in anytime.


Pick up a racquet and hit a few "birdies" across the net. Compete against a friend or just take a few shots. Team up for a game of 2 vs. 2.

Spinning Classes

There will be three 25-minute sessions of spin, starting at 11:45 a.m., 12:30 p.m., and 1:00 p.m.


Learn the basics of archery and safety techniques. SRWC staff will provide equipment and instructions. Let's see your target shooting skills!

Participants can jump in anytime.

3-Legged Race 

Find a friend, strap your left leg to their right leg and attempt to complete a short sprint against other pairs. This should be entertaining!

Will run three-legged races every 10 to 15 minutes


Challenge your co-workers or another department in a friendly round of tug-of-war. Who will be our mightiest movers?

Will run tug-of-war rounds every 10 to 15 minutes 


Win points by tossing bean bags onto the board opposite you. Win more points for getting the bag in the hole. Always a popular one!

Rock Climbing 

Try your skills on the rock climbing wall. SRWC staff will provide equipment and instructions. 


  • Let’s ramp up together for the University Challenge!

  • Come and win, win, win!  We have lots of prizes to give away!

  • Games, activities and spectating too!

  • Enjoy food and meet our new dining services team!

  • Celebrate YOU; Celebrate TEAM KENT STATE!

All activities will take place in the lower level basketball courts. Check in upon your arrival to the Rec Center, pick up your drawing card, and we'll see you there!

Link to a demonstration of Life On The Move activity platform