Vacation Leave Accrual Schedules - Faculty and Post Doctoral Research Associates

The university recognizes the importance of providing employees and opportunity for recreation or other personal matters without the loss of compensation. Paid vacation leave is granted according to the terms and conditions below, and should be planned in advance with your supervisor.

Faculty Full-Time (12-month appointment)
Years of Service
Hours Earned per Month or Pay
Days Earned per Year
Maximum Hours for Vacation Carryover and Payout
0-20 13.33 per month 20 (160 hours) 480
21 14.00 per month 21 (168 hours) 504
22 14.67 per month 22 (176 hours) 524
23 15.33 per month 23 (184 hours) 552
24 16.00 per month 24 (192 hours) 576
25  16.67 per month 25 (200 hours) 600
      *Additional one day per year up to a maximum addition of 5 days for a total accrual of 25 days for 25 or more years of service
Utilization: Eligible to use vacation at the time employment begins










Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Sick Hours Earned per Month
Vacation Hours Earned per Month
Maximum Vacation Accrual Hours
10 hours

6.67 hours**

80 hours
  **Vacation must be used during the appointment period. Any unused hours will be withdrawn at the end of the appointment period.