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Voluntary Long Term Disability


Long Term Disability (LTD) insurance provides financial protection for eligible employees by paying a percentage of monthly earnings in the event of a covered disability. Your cost is based on which option you choose, your salary and your age (the rate will be provided when you go through the online open enrollment process).  There are two options to choose from: 50% or 60% of your monthly earnings.

Evidence of good health will be required should you decide to enroll.

For eligible employees with less than five years of service or in the Alternative Retirement Plan, Voluntary LTD Insurance provides gap coverage. 

For eligible employees with five or more years of service who are enrolled in OPERS/STRS, this insurance provides a valuable supplement to the OPERS/STRS benefits. 

For example:

  • OPERS/STRS has a 365-day benefit waiting period; Voluntary LTD has a 180-day benefit waiting period.
  • In most cases, OPERS/STRS requires you to become disabled before age 60 to qualify for benefits; Voluntary LTD has no age requirement.
  • Voluntary LTD insurance benefits are not subject to federal taxes; OPERS/STRS benefits are.
  • Voluntary LTD insurance provides a return-to-work incentive, a reasonable accommodation benefit and a rehabilitation plan; OPERS/STRS does not.

*Evidence of good health is required to enroll in the Long-Term Disability plan.  You may complete The Standard's questionnaire (PDF) on paper or electronically through The Standard's website