Felix Kumah-Abiwu, Pan-African Studies, presented "Pan-African Ideas and Activism: A Critical Analysis of Kwame Nkrumah’s Role and Perspective" at the Department of African Studies, University of Vienna, Austria in Vienna, Austria on May
Felix Kumah-Abiwu, Pan-African Studies, presented "Rethinking the Securitized-Development Agenda and Africa’s Development" at the African Studies Association of Australasia & the Pacific (AFSAAP), University of Otago in Dunedin, New
Windy Cole, KSUCPM Wound Research Dept, authored an online journal article, "A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial of a Hypothermically Stored Amniotic Membrane for use in Diabetic Foot Ulcers," in the Journal of Comparative Effectivene
Richard Feinberg, Anthropology, presented "Social and Economic Consequences of "Development on Taumako, Solomon Islands" at the "Sinofon Borderlands Workshop on Modernization in Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific" in Olomouc, Moravia
Jennifer Cunningham, English Department, was awarded 2018 Ellen Nold Best Article Award for “wuz good wit u bro: Patterns of digital African American language use in two modes of communication," by Computers and Composition on June 21, 2019. Issue 48, ppg. 67-84.
Johanna Solomon, School of Peace and Conflict Studies, authored a section of a book, Laugh in Peace, The Sage Encyclopedia of Criminal Psychology, 1st Edition, (Santa Barbara, CA:Sage) Robert D. Morgan, (2019), ppg. 1003-1005.  
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Paul Creed III, Office of Continuing and Distance Education, was awarded “Certificate in Project Management” by Kent State University on May 2, 2019.