Celebrating the Brilliant Women of the College of Podiatric Medicine

Across the College of Podiatric Medicine’s (CPM) over one-hundred-year-old history you will find a remarkable roster of women serving as clinicians, educators, researchers and staff working to make the college what it is today. In honor of Women’s History Month, meet just some of the brilliant women of CPM shaping and supporting the doctors of yesterday, today and tomorrow:


Edweana Robinson

Edweana Robinson, MD, MPH, Adjunct faculty in the Division of Podiatric & General Medicine - Dr. Robinson is well-respected as a giant in her field. CPM has been lucky to have Dr. Robinson for 39 years, of which 30 were spent as the Chairperson for the General Medicine Department of the college. She has an impressive resume showcasing many years of service to her city, as well, with roles such as the Assistant Medical Director for the Cuyahoga County Jail and the Medical Director for the Safety Forces for The City of Cleveland for 34 years.





Kathy Siesel

Kathy Siesel, DPM CPM Class of 1989, Associate Professor and Division Head of Podiatric Biomechanics and Orthopedics. - Dr. Siesel’s over 30-year career with CPM began in 1992 as part-time clinical faculty following a short stint with Cuyahoga Community College’s Division of Health Careers and Natural Sciences. She has been a leader in both the CPM clinical and educational realms for many years, while volunteering her free time at local running events with students to encourage them to further their education beyond the classroom setting. Dr. Siesel also owns a patent on a shoe insert with tapered thickness formed from a resilient material to perfect the fit of shoes.




Marie Blazer

Marie Blazer, DPM KSUCPM Class of 2004 Salutatorian, Associate Professor in Division of Podiatric Medicine & General Medicine - Dr. Blazer is Board Certified by the American Board of Podiatric Medicine. She is a key player in the student experience at CPM as the coordinator of Podiatric Medical Skills and Pediatrics at the college. In addition, Dr. Blazer is a hands-on instructor, coordinating the Podiatric Medicine and Biomechanics 3rd year rotation at the Midtown Clinic where students often get their very first experiences serving the city of Cleveland.




Rita Diloreto

Rita Diloreto, Business Manager - Rita has been working in the CPM Business Office since 1995, where she has supported students, administration and everyone in between. Her job requires her to have a well-rounded understanding of every department at the college, making her an invaluable resource of CPM knowledge. Rita’s sense of humor and exuberance make her someone that everyone in and out of the college not only needs, but wants to work with. 





Kathy Wright

Kathy Wright, Assistant Director, Financial Aid & Student Employment - Kathy joined the college in 1996 as a student loan coordinator and comes with a wealth of expertise pertaining to financial aid, having played a major role in the transition team when Kent State University acquired the college in 2007. Each and every day, Kathy is supporting student life, helping the future docs combat what may be some of the biggest challenges in their time at CPM.





Donna Perzeski

Donna Perzeski, MLIS, Library Director - As the longest-serving employee, Donna has been staffing the college library since 1980. Donna’s tenure, experience and knowledge of all things CPM are unmatched, recalling historic happenings and students at the snap of a finger. She is an essential resource for current students, and the very first person alumni ask about when speaking with or visiting the college. Donna is a true CPM staple.





Jacqueline Donovan

Jacqueline Donovan, DPM, FACFAS, KSUCPM Class of 2012, Assistant Professor in the Division of Foot & Ankle Surgery and Biomechanics - As one of CPM’s newest faculty members, Dr. Donovan exhibits the excitement and energy that leads our community to thrive. When she isn’t teaching at CPM, or on staff at UH Regional Hospitals, UH Ahuja, Lake West, Cleveland Clinic Euclid and Southpointe Hospitals, she’s also serving as an attending at the University Hospitals Residency Program. Her passion for the profession and dedication to the world around her drives her to provide local foot screenings to the elderly, participate in the Gauze for a Cause fundraiser, collect medical supplies to donate to Ukraine, and venture on medical mission trips to provide care to the underserved. Her TikTok account @OhioFootDocs has over 19,000 followers, posting original educational content and participating in fun viral trends in an effort to educate a broader audience about the profession.



Windy Cole

Windy Cole, DPM, CSP, KSUCPM Class of 1999, Director of Wound Care Research - Dr. Cole is a published, dedicated wound care advocate on the forefront of wound research, a passion she has followed for two decades, receiving the World Union of Wound Healing Silver Medal Award in 2020. She is a sought-after speaker around the world with her most recent appointment taking her to Dubai as a keynote speaker at the 8th International Conference on Wound Healing and Critical Care.





Jill Kawalec

Jill Kawalec, PhD, Professor and Division Head for Division of Pre-Clinical Sciences, Director of Research - Dr. Kawalec has been with CPM since 1996 and is a vital resource for education, working closely with students and faculty alike to develop and conduct research in their areas of interest. Her research with the University has led to a patent, as well - “Thermochromic Fabrics Utilizing Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Material”, which aids as an early warning system for changes in foot temperature that could indicate the onset of serious foot complications in people at increased risk. Dr. Kawalec has received several university awards for teaching and faculty recognition, nominated by her peers and students alike, showing just how valued she is at the college.

POSTED: Thursday, March 23, 2023 03:28 PM
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