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Steven Brown, Research, Measurement, and Statistics, presented "Poetry and Later Life" at the International Society for the Scientific Study of Subjectivity during a virtual meeting on September 16, 2021.        
Richard Feinberg, Anthropology, presented "Shared Governance, Political Posturing, and Structural Contradictions" at the AAUP Conference on Shared Governance during a virtual meeting on June 16, 2021. 
Richard Feinberg, Anthropology, presented "Why Does Anthropology Study Others?" at the Central States Anthropological Society during a virtual meeting on April 25, 2021.       
Jennifer Cunningham, English Department, was awarded 2018 Ellen Nold Best Article Award for “wuz good wit u bro: Patterns of digital African American language use in two modes of communication," by Computers and Composition on June 21, 2019. Issue 48, ppg. 67-84.
Johanna Solomon, School of Peace and Conflict Studies, authored a section of a book, Laugh in Peace, The Sage Encyclopedia of Criminal Psychology, 1st Edition, (Santa Barbara, CA:Sage) Robert D. Morgan, (2019), ppg. 1003-1005.  



Steven R. Brown, Evaluation and Measurement, Authored a journal article, "Perspective on Egon Brunswik: Q-Method", The Brunswik Society Newsletter, Volume 34, Issue 1, (2019): 35-42.              
Steven R. Brown, Evaluation and Measurement, authored a journal article, "Subjectivity in the Human Sciences", The Psychological Record, Volume 69, Issue 4, (2019): 565-579.          
Richard Feinberg, Anthropology, Authored a section of a book , A Spiritual Melting Pot: Taumako, Solomon Islands, Haunted Pacific: Anthropologists Investigate Spectral Apparitions Across Oceania, 1st Edition, (D
Peter Kratcoski, Sociology Department, authored a section of a book, Specialty Courts, Encyclopedia of Criminal Psychology, 1st Edition, (Los Angeles:Sage) R. Morgan, (2019),  ppg. 1423-1428.  
Alfred Guiffrida, Management & Information Systems, Authored a journal article, Improving Delivery Performance for Gamma Distributed Delivery Time, International Journal of Business Performance and Supply Chain Modeling, Volume 10, Issue 3, (2019): ppg.195-214.