XIX. What steps should I take once I have completed my VSIP request through DocuSign?

Once you have submitted your VSIP documents through DocuSign, you should:

  1. Submit your letter of resignation to your supervisor
  2. Complete your beneficiary election (optional) form for the voluntary separation at https://www.kent.edu/hr/wellness/beneficiary-form-vsip-ksu2020. Upon completion, staff members should return their completed beneficiary form to HR Records at hr-records@kent.edu. Beneficiary forms for faculty should be directed to Academic Personnel at academic_personnel@kent.edu
  3. If you are taking the VSIP and have also met eligibility requirements for retirement, please see the Retirement-in-a-Flash https://www.kent.edu/retirement webpage for required additional documentation.
  4. If you are separating only, steps 1 and 2 above are the only other steps you need to complete.