How do I find out about class cancellations/campus closings? (01/21/2013)

In the event of inclement weather, there are three ways to learn about delays, class cancellations and/or campus closings:

  1. Flash ALERTS message and FlashLine email. The Flash ALERTS text messages will notify subscribers to check the university’s Advisory Web page for up-to-the-minute reports on campus and class status. Individuals can subscribe to the Flash ALERTS service online.
  2. Kent State’s Advisory Web page. This page lists any closings across the university’s multi-campus system. A red bar will appear on the top of the home page should there be a cancellation or closing listed on the Advisory Web page. Also the information is posted to the university’s Facebook page and Twitter.
  3. Through television and radio broadcasts. For a complete listing of all of the television and radio stations to which Kent Campus cancellation information is reported, please visit this guide.

For more detailed information on campus closings due to inclement weather, read the Winter Weather Advisory Update. Managers and department heads should review the information on how to report time during a closing.

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