Instructions for Completing the Personnel Action Form (PAF)


1.  Originator.  Enter name, e-mail and phone of person completing the PAF.

2.  Position Number.  Please indicate the position number to be used for the assignment.  

3.  Type of Appointment.  Check type (may choose more than one).

  • Initial – First assignment with Kent State University.
  • Additional – Appointment in addition to another assignment.
  • Term/Temp Assignment – An employee has worked here prior and is being rehired into another short term assignment (120 days or less).
  • Other – If the action does not fit the above choices, indicate the situation here.

4.  Revision Type. Select the Revision Type from the list of options.

5.  Position Type. Select the Position Type from the list of options.

6.  Name and Kent State ID Number. Enter the Name and ID Number of the employee.

7.  University Employee. Select the Type from the list of options.

8.  Position Title, Department, College, Division, Campus, Work Location.  Enter the position title, department name, the assignment begin and end dates (if applicable), college (if applicable), division, campus, work location, building and phone number.

9.  Manager Level.  Enter the appropriate Manager Level:

0 = No Supervisory Responsibilities (Classified or Unclassified)
1 = Student Employee Supervisor (Classified)
2 = Lead Worker (Classified)
3 = Working Supervisor (Classified)
4 = Supervisor (Classified)
5 = Student Employee Supervisor (Unclassified)
6 = Intradepartmental (Unclassified)
7 = Departmental (Unclassified)
8 = Senior (Unclassified)
9 = Executive (Unclassified)

10.    Assignment Begin & End Dates.  Indicate the date the change is to begin.  An End Date only needs to be entered if the assignment is Term or Temporary.  Otherwise leave blank.

11.  Salary Base. Enter the hourly rate or annual salary and check the box to indicate the length of the contract (9 month, 10 month, etc.)

12.  Salary for the Period.  Fill out ONLY if employee is being charged to a grant index number.

13.  Pay Grade.  Enter the pay grade assigned to the position.

14.  Continuing, Term/Temporary or Grant.  Select from the following:

  • Continuing - a revision to a continuing assignment. 
  • Term/Temp - a revision to a term or temporary assignment (not continuing).
  • Grant”- the assignment will be paid through grant funds. Please be sure that the form is routed through Sponsored Programs for signature.

15.  FTE.  For classified or unclassified assignments, the FTE should be based on the number of hours worked during a 40-hour week. It is calculated by the formula: number of hours worked divided by 40. 

16.  Number of Days and Hours Worked. (For Classified Employees only).  Fill out accordingly.

17. Faculty Rank.  This space is to be used for revisions to Faculty Appointments or for unclassified employees who hold Faculty Rank.

18.  Budget Information.  Enter the Index Name, Index Number, Org Code, and Account for the department being charged for this assignment.  Enter the percentage of funds to be distributed to this index number. (NOTE: Use 100% for funding from one index.) Additional lines are available if you are charging more than one index. Enter Distribution Start and Distribution End dates for the funding.

19.  Leave Approver and Evaluator Information.  Enter the Name, Position Number, and Kent State ID number where indicated.

20.  Comments.  Add any comments that would help the approvers to know all of the details of this request.

21.  Approval.  Route the form to the appropriate areas for approval.