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FAQ-Annual Performance Evaluation (for evaluatees)

Q1:  What is the evaluation period for classified evaluations?

A:  March 31 - June 16, 2017

Q2:  What is the evaluation period for unclassified evaluations?

A:  April 21 - June 23, 2017

Q3:  What if I can't log in?

A:  If you are a FIRST TIME USER, follow step-by-step instructions “How to ESTABLISH your evaluation password”

B: If you are a RETURNING USER, follow step-by-step instructions “How to RECOVER your evaluation password”

  • Both instructions are available at http://www.kent.edu/hr/management/performance-evaluation-resources
  • If you are still not able to log in, we may not have the correct settings within the program.  Send an email to Janine Bogden jbogden@kent.edu or Karen Watson kswatson@kent.edu .  The evaluation program is completely independent from flashline so your password may or may not be the same as your flashword.  Do not call the HelpDesk, they cannot reset passwords within the evaluation program.
Q4:  Where do I go to do a self-evaluation?

A:  https://videsktop.kent.edu/viEvalHomepage/login.aspx

Q5:  How do I sign the completed evaluation?

A:   https://videsktop.kent.edu/viEvalHomepage/login.aspx

Q6:  My supervisor completed my evaluation but I can't see the responses on the Signature Form.

A:  It is possible that your supervisor did not complete the process.  Let your supervisor know that he may need to return to the evaluation and select “finish”.  If your supervisor needs assistance, please have him/her  contact Janine Bogden at ext. 2-8526 or Karen Watson at ext. 2-4636 for assistance

Information Pages:  (these pages include process dates, available training, and resources )

Classified Evaluation Information: http://www.kent.edu/hr/management/performance-evaluation-classified

Unclassified Evaluation Information: http://www.kent.edu/hr/management/performance-evaluation-unclassified

Performance Evaluation Resources: http://www.kent.edu/hr/management/performance-evaluation-resources

Additional Information:

Karen Watson:  kswatson@kent.edu      330-672-4636

Janine Bogden:  jbogden@kent.edu        330-672-8526