Faculty Staff News Now: College of Nursing Provides COVID-19 Resources; Professor I. Richmond Nettey Chairs National Academy; Kent State Study Cited in Men’s Health Mag, Other Popular Pubs; Faculty Contemplating COVID-19 Continues; Total Body Toning

College of Nursing Provides Resources for Families Suffering from COVID-19

Dana Hansen, Ph.D., APRN, ACHPN, Amy Petrinec, Ph.D., RN, and Tracey Motter, DNP, RN, researchers from Kent State College of Nursing, along with Maureen Keeley, Ph.D., Texas State, have developed a website to offer information, support via blog participation and research opportunities for family caregivers of those touched by a serious or critical illness during the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit the College of Nursing website to learn more. All research is IRB approval from the Kent State University IRB.
The following research opportunities can be found on the website:

  1. Please consider participating in a family caregiver study about your mental and physical health if your loved one has been in an intensive care unit (ICU) during the COVID-19 pandemic. A small monetary gift is offered as a thank you for completing the survey.
  2. There is a caregiver registry. Our research relies on volunteers like yourself who are willing to share their caregiving experiences. By participating in our registry, you agree to be contacted periodically about various research opportunities. We are interested in helping family caregivers 1) who connect with their loved ones who use social media to tell their illness story during a serious illness; 2) who have cared for adults who are in intensive care units (ICUs) or long-term acute care hospitals (LTACHs) or have recently experienced an ICU/LTACH stay, 3) who are adolescents with a parent in hospice; and/or 4) who wish to participate in research about spirituality and spiritual uncertainty.

Enroll in caregiver registry.

Finally, the website offers a link to a blog. As a family caregiver, you can use this blog to share your experiences while a loved one with a serious illness or COVID-19 has been separated from you. The blog community is a way to provide and garnish support during these difficult times.

Kent State Aviation Professor I. Richmond Nettey Chairs National Academy Research Committee

Meet the professor in the university’s College of Aeronautics and Engineering tasked with helping to ensure passengers travel safely through U.S. airport terminals: I. Richmond Nettey. Learn more.

Kent State Study Cited in Men’s Health Mag, Other Popular Pubs

CPM Associate Professor Mark Dalman’s study of bacteria in area gyms was cited or referenced in numerous publications like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Men’s Health Magazine.

Environmental swabs were taken from 288 gym surfaces at several fitness facilities across Northeast Ohio, including Cross-Fit type centers, traditional iron gyms, community center-based and hospital-associated facilities.

Samples were taken from 18 different surfaces at each facility to look at not only whether Staphylococcus aureus was present on these various surfaces but also PCR was used to identify what strain types were present along with the bacteria’s antibiotic resistance profiles (MRSA- multidrug resistant Staph. Aureus) is a huge concern.

Titled, “Characterizing the Molecular Epidemiology of Staphylococcus aureus Across and Within Fitness Facility Types,” the pilot study indicated that all facility types were contaminated by methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), and that additional studies are needed to characterize the microbiome structure of surfaces at different fitness facility types and the patrons at these facilities.

The most surprising part of the study showed that the most frequently touched surfaces are often the least wiped surfaces at the gym. The medicine ball was the most contaminated. Though there were some slight trending differences between the types of gyms, future studies need to expand this to include cleaning regimens into how this modifies presence of bacteria at these different gym types, especially considering the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Professor Dalman and his team of researchers at CPM and CPH studied the presence of Staphylococcus aureus, a common bacterium found in the nose and throat of healthy individuals that presents risk factors for infection and death. View the entire study.

“We investigated environmental contamination of fitness facilities with staphylococcus aureus in order to determine molecular types and antibiotic susceptibility profiles of contaminates that may be transmitted to facility patrons,” said Dalman. “Many studies have strictly looked at gyms as a singular entity, our study parsed these gym types out to better understand that not all gyms are equally contaminated nor are the strains and antibiotic resistance profiles of these bacteria at these gyms the same. Just as the current Pandemic has at least caused more individuals and businesses to begin to have conversations about cleanliness in viral transmission, so too should the same conversations begin regarding bacterial contamination.”

Dalman also indicated he was recently funded by The Podiatry Foundation to study how analgesics impact a unique subset of individuals: red-heads. He will be looking at the underlying genome of these individuals and the corresponding microbiome composition with co-PI Marie Blazer, DPM and the team.

Faculty Contemplating COVID-19 Series Continues

Community Engaged Learning has created a landing page that currently features three interviews in its ongoing series about faculty dealing with COVID-19.

In this new weekly series, Kent State faculty members from a variety of academic disciplines are interviewed for their thought-provoking perspectives about the ongoing pandemic.

The newest editions feature Chi-hua Chui, Ph.D. (pictured); J. Leigh Garcia and Julie Mazzei, Ph.D. Learn more.

Total Body Toning: Coming Live to Your Living Room - Sign Up Now!

Thank you to all who joined us for our first live workout for Get Fit Don't Sit Day! We had so much fun connecting with all of you for some midday movement that we are going to make it a regular occurrence.

Employee Wellness and Recreational Services are pleased to announce we will offer live virtual workouts every Tuesday and Thursday from noon – 1 p.m. starting May 14. Join Recreation Program Coordinator, Beth Michel, for a 45-minute total body workout that will incorporate cardio, strength and flexibility and can be completed in the comfort of your own home.

This version of Total Body Toning will focus on bodyweight exercises, so no equipment is required, and all fitness levels are welcome. All you need is comfortable clothing (shoes optional), a bottle of water, and an internet connection to participate. 

The workouts will be live streamed via Zoom. Pre-registration is required for each session. You will receive your Zoom link the day before your class and another reminder the morning of so be sure to register for each Tuesday and/or Thursday you plan to participate.  Since these are Zoom events, you may choose to open your webcam so other participants can see you, but you can keep it closed if you prefer not to be seen. Zoom also offers a chat feature, so you can interact with your fellow Flashes while breaking a sweat. 

These classes are open to all full- and part-time faculty and staff. Full time employees participating in the Wellness Your Way Rewards Program can earn 10 Tier 2 points for each class. Make sure to include your first and last name when you enter the Zoom event to ensure we can capture your attendance and award your points accordingly. Login before 12:15 as class will begin promptly at 12:15.

The May and June classes are posted, and registration is open now. Visit our digital wellness calendar to register. We are excited to bring Team Kent State back together again.

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