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Purpose and Objective-Classified Employee Performance Evaluation

The performance evaluation is a critical employee development tool. Kent State University is committed to an evaluation program that supports continuous organizational and individual improvement. The annual performance evaluation is both a year in review and a look ahead. In other words, the evaluation not only examines the employee performance for the prior year, but also establishes goals and objectives for the upcoming year.

The classified evaluation process is designed to:

  • Recognize the employee's¬†contributions during the preceding year.
  • Improve individual performance by providing positive, constructive and developmental feedback.
  • Identify and integrate organizational and individual objectives and expectations.
  • Encourage individual employee growth and development.
  • Provide data to document performance.

Classified annual evaluations are mandated by the Ohio Revised Code (ORC). Classified employees who are in probationary status need to have evaluations at the sixty- and ninety-day period of their employment.

The university approved form to conduct the evaluation is online.