Summer 2022 Telecommuting/Flexible Work Arrangement

Thank you for your tremendous work throughout this spring semester. As the semester ends, we would like to provide clarity for telecommuting and flexible work arrangements during the summer months.

Job responsibilities change for many during the summer months, particularly May 23 through August 5, when less students are on our campuses. Because of this, supervisors are encouraged to work with their employees to identify additional opportunities for flexible work arrangements or telecommuting during this period.

It is important to remember, any flexible work arrangement or telecommuting arrangement must be guided by what is best for students, the campus community, and the operational needs of the unit and the university.

During this period:

  • At least one employee must be physically present in any area during operating hours.
  • Supervisors may also be considered for telecommuting from May 23 through August 5, as well.
  • Those requesting a telecommuting arrangement for the period of May 23 – August 5, must submit a limited use Summer Telecommuting and Flexible Work Arrangement Request Form to Human Resources. This form must have prior approval from your supervisor. Staff who are already on an approved telecommuting arrangement, with no changes during the summer months, do not need to complete a new form.
  • Approvals for flexible work and telecommuting arrangements must follow the unit’s designated process for approvals.

As per the policy, telecommuting is defined as an arrangement of two weeks or longer that involves the completion of a portion or all of the 40-hour workweek from a designated off-campus location. Telecommuting arrangements cannot materially change the duties of the position or adversely affect academic and administrative services. Telecommuting arrangements also must maintain the equivalence of a full-time work schedule. Telecommuting arrangements are not intended to be used to address health-related issues, as an alternative to leave, or as a replacement for child or elder care.

Flexible Work Arrangements offered include alternative arrival/departure time, extended lunch duration, and compressed workweek schedule. For more information regarding flexible work arrangements at Kent State, visit

All Summer Telecommuting and Flexible Work Arrangements, if approved, are applicable through August 5, 2022. If an existing flexible or telecommuting work arrangement was in place prior to May 23, 2022, and has not changed, the employee would resume that approved schedule after Aug. 5, 2022. To change or make a new flexible or telecommuting work arrangement, visit for additional information and instructions.

If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources at