Time Reporting-Approving Leave for Supervisors

In this tutorial, supervisors will learn how to approve employee leave through the Time Approval channel in FlashLine. 

1. To access Leave Report, open a web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, to access the Kent State homepage at www.kent.edu. 

2. Once there, go to the FlashLine Secure Login in located at the top right corner.

3. Log-in to FlashLine. Enter your User Name, which is the first part of your kent email address before the @kent.edu; next enter your FlashLine Password.

4. Then click Login

5. This will bring you to your Flashline page.

6. Select the gold My Action Items tab.

7. Look down at the left bottom of the page to locate the Time Approval channel.

As the supervisor of record, you have the responsibility of approving your employee’s time off. You are also responsible for the accuracy and validity of that transaction.

8. Select your employee’s Leave Report.

a. Click on the employee’s name (highlighted in blue).

b. Review the record for accuracy. Note that you can choose from the following buttons:

Approve: click once report is correct
Return for Correction: returns leave submittal to the employee
Change Record
Delete: removes the entire report
Add Comment: make notes for leave report type

9. Select the Approve button once the report is correct. Keep in mind that you should not approve time until the pay period is finished and you are confident that the employee has submitted all time off for that period.

10. Once you approve the time, the transaction status will read completed and the status be approved.

11. If you receive a red Error message, contact HR Records at 2-8316.

12. Employees can check the status of any pay period. The statuses are also available when you hover the mouse over the desired pay period.

a. In Progress means the employee has not yet submitted the pay period for approval.
b. Pending means that you have submitted the pay period for approval, but it has not yet been approved by the supervisor.
c. Completed means that the pay period has been approved, and the time has been taken from your leave balances.
d. Returned for Correction means that the approver has returned the pay period to the employee for corrections.

13. This completes the tutorial on Approving Leave for Supervisors

 Revised 1/23/14