Responsible Employee Information

Am I considered a Responsible Employee?

A Responsible Employee indicates that these employees have an obligation to notify the Title IX Coordinator when they become aware of gender/sexual discrimination incidents.

At Kent State University, most of the employees (except for health and psychological services workers) are classified as Responsible Employees. University policy 5-16.2(D) requires employees disclose all details they are aware of regarding gender/sexual discrimination and harassment to the Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Title IX Coordinator.

  • What should I do if I┬ábecome aware of gender/sexual discrimination and harassment incident?
    • Let the individual know you cannot keep the information confidential. Remember most Kent State University employees are required to disclose all the details of any alleged incident of gender/sexual discrimination and harassment brought to their attention.
      • The University has confidential resources available. If an individual wishes to speak with a confidential campus resource, refer the individual to University Health or University Psychological Services (call 330-672-2272 or 330-672-2487).
    • Provide the individual with campus support information.
    • Notify the Office of Compliance, EOAA, Title IX Coordinator, or Deputy Title IX Coordinator promptly regarding the details of the incident.
      • You may also report the incident to the Kent State University Police Department and the Center for Sexual Relationship Violence Support Services.