Kent State University is committed to providing a non-discriminatory university community. In support of this commitment, the Office of Compliance, EOAA, Training and Development Department and the Center for Sexual Relationship Violence Support Services in collaboration have assembled a variety of learning experiences to educated faculty, staff and students about response, prevention, recovery, and resource components associated with gender/sexual discrimination and harassment and power-based violence in

Training Session topics will consist of information about:

  • The university’s policy definitions of gender/sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, stalking and intimate partner violence;
  • Strategies that Kent State uses to prevent these incidents;
  • Bystander intervention strategies to use when you witness behaviors on campus;
  • Ways you can support individuals who experience sexual harassment and sexual violence;
  • Support resources that faculty, staff and students can use on campus and in the community;
  • Kent State University’s policies and procedures for responding to and investigating reports

Employees can participate in trainings offered by the Training and Development Department and the Office of Compliance, EOAA. Trainings are available online, through webinars, or facilitator-led (in-person). 

*Note: All current Kent State University full time and part-time staff must attend a minimum of two hours of Beyond Compliance (BC) Training for each fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). All full time and part time faculty are strongly encouraged to meet this standard as this initiative benefits all members of the university community. One hour of your annual two-hour Beyond Compliance goal must be a Title IX course.

To access a Title IX training via Blackboard, select the Beyond Compliance archived section and choose the Title IX webinar. To utilize SafeColleges, select the tab on the Training and Development website. Visit the Training and Development webpage for dates at www.kent.edu/hr/training. To request a personalized Title IX training for your department or student organization, please email titleix@kent.edu.

Students can participate in trainings offered by the Center for Sexual Relationship Violence Support Services(SRVSS) and the Office of Compliance, EOAA. Trainings are available online, through webinars, or facilitator-led (in-person). 

*Note: All incoming students (first year, transfer and graduate level) are required to complete the online Not Anymore modules. An email will be sent out in August or January with information on how to sign-up. For more information or questions about the Not Anymore Training, please contact the SRVSS office at 330-672-8016.

For Bystander Intervention Training, you can participate in the Green Dot training facilitated by SRVSS. This training is open to anyone within the Kent State University Community. 

The Office of Complaince, EOAA facilitator-led trainings are listed below. All trainings are located in Heer Hall Rm. 107 on the Kent Campus, except when otherwise noted. Dates are subject to change or cancellation. 

Audience Date Time
Faculty and Staff Thurs., June 11, 2020 2:30 - 3:30 p.m.