What if I change my mind about following through with my gender-based complaint, or do not want the alleged perpetrator to know that I filed a complaint?

If you do not wish to proceed with the complaint and/or request the complaint remain confidential, the university will honor this request in so far as is complaint with the law. Keep in mind, this request may limit the extent to which the university is able to investigate and respond to the complaint.

Additionally, there are times when the university may not be able to honor a Complainant’s request for confidentiality. In the event the university determines that the safety of the university community is at risk, certain confidential information may need to be shared in order to protect the university community. The Title IX Coordinator will weigh the Complainant’s request against factors, such as the seriousness of the alleged sexual misconduct and whether there have been other complaints of unlawful gender-based discrimination reports against the respondent (the accused). If the university cannot maintain the Complainant’s confidentiality, the university will inform the Complainant prior to starting an investigation.