2016-17 Institute for Excellence Participants | Training & Development | Kent State University

2016-17 Institute for Excellence Participants

2016-17 Administrator Group


2016-17 Individual Contributor Group

JanKathleen S. Abel
Advancement Services
Nicole Brooks
Information Services
Roberta Bain
IS, Course Management
Kristin Carvajal
Student Support Services
Nicole Corll
University Facilities Management
David A. Chappell Geauga Student Services
Timothy W. Davies
University Communications & Marketing
Rachel Cordy Academic Success Center
Douglas Delahanty
Amelia Corrigan
College of Business International Programs Office
Greg Farabee
Center for Corporate & Professional Development
Clarke Earley
Min Gao
Liquid Crystal Institute
Phelan Fletcher
Student Support Services
Ellen Glickman
Exercise Physiology
Lisa Froning
College of Education, Health and Human Services
Megan Krippel
Student Services
Richard Lutz
Office of the University Architect
Tia Laughlin
Human Resource Records
Kevin McCreary
Research and Sponsored Programs
Sarah Malcolm
Office of Global Education
Erin McLaughlin
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Jennifer Miller
College of Public Health
Mark Meszar
Information Services
Jennifer O'Connell
Office of Sexual and Relationship Violence Support Services
MaryAnne Nestor
Office of Continuing and Distance Education
MunkAltanbal Otgonyin
Information Services
Moneeka Pelley
East Liverpool Campus - Computer Dept
Tim Pagliari
Information Services
Jonathan Prenosil
Information Services
Robin Pijor
Career Exploration and Development
Thomas A. Smith
Informations Services
Dawn Sharnsky
Information Services
Laurie Wagner
Health Sciences
Lashonda Taylor
University Ceremonies
Joy Wesoloski
Alumni Relations
Brendan Walsh
Information Services
Kendra Wilson
Division of Student Affairs
Amy Wilkens
College of Communication and Information
Devdatta Yogi
Graduation Planning System