Institute for Excellence - Administrators


The ideal participant for the Institute for Excellence for Administrators is a Kent State employee who:

  • Manages/chairs a department or unit and/or supervises others
  • Has one or more years of experience at Kent State in a full time capacity
  • Is performing at a high level and in good standing with the university with the most recent performance evaluation having a rating of "meets expectations" or higher
  • Has demonstrated a commitment to learning over the last year by achieving certifications, completing job-related training or self-educating on a job-related topic
  • Has demonstrated the ability to contribute/lead change at Kent State within the last year


The discussions and tools used are intended to increase the leader’s capacity to contribute to the mission and goals of Kent State. By combining in class discussions, self-development tools, reading and plenty of opportunities to practice, individual growth strategies will emerge. A partial list of tools and topics include the following:

  • Discussions with Kent State executive officers
  • Opportunities to interact with external leaders
  • Two 360-degree assessments to benchmark your skills and growth
  • Use neuroscience and physiology to improve leadership performance
  • Increased business acumen and financial literacy
  • Applying Emotional Intelligence for increased effectiveness
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education
  • Understanding the role of the leader and follower
  • Balancing Team Dynamics for superior performance
  • Using leadership questions for improved team performance
  • Strategies for attracting and retaining top talent
  • Opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills learned through action-learning


  • Read the Administrator Worksheet (found on the left-hand side of this page)
  • Use the worksheet to compose the information you will be asked to submit on the application
  • Complete the online application (see box on left-hand side of this page)
  • Please note that you must complete the application all at one time; you can not save information to the online form and return to it later
  • Please check with your supervisor before applying as there is a departmental charge 
  • Questions or problems?  Call Renee Romine at 330-672-0898