Build Great Work Relationships

New leaders face many daily challenges at work. Workplace relationships can be demanding on your time professionally and personally. A key to becoming an effective leader is getting to know your team well – building those relationships. Words such as candor, feedback and work expectations are used constantly. What do they really mean? Find out as you create strategies to use when constructing work relationships.

Though Build Great Work Relationships, you will:

  • Create a feedback framework to handle most tough work conversations
  • Discover how trust lays the foundation for great relationships across the organization
  • Learn to build and maintain effective relationships with your peers and management

This workshop is designed for managers and supervisors, but relevant for all faculty and staff.

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Interview Dynamics (BC 2hrs)

Do you have a plan when interviewing candidates? Do you have a tough time gathering information from potential employees? Most interviewers don’t know what to ask or ask the wrong questions, leading to bad hires and worse. During this workshop, learners become ‘interviewing dynamics’ and discover best practices for conducting behavioral based interviews in the workplace. Learners will create behavioral questions to give them the best chance to gather candidate information, develop a candidate evaluation strategy to achieve the best results - before, during and after the interview, and discover how to guide the interview conversation to get the answers to make the best hire.

This workshop is ideal for all Kent State employees involved in the hiring process.

Through Interview Dynamics, you will:

  • Develop a candidate evaluation strategy to achieve the best results - before, during and after the interview
  • Discover and practice a step-by-step interview process that eliminates commonly made mistakes
  • Learn how to form proper behavioral questions that give you the best chance to gather candidate information
  • Practice a four step method to form a comprehensive picture of your candidates

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Communicate with Others

Getting your message across in a way that is clear and coherent is a critical skill in your professional and personal life. This workshop identifies the necessary ingredients of any conversation. Learn to be a better communicator by exploring the communication process and how different communication styles affect your personal style.

This workshop is idea for supervisors and managers.

Through Communicate with Others, you will:

  • Become a better communicator by examining the four key ingredients to any conversation
  • Appreciate the art of conversation through the role of speaker, listener and observer
  • Create the best possible climate for communicating through empathy, asking the right questions and understanding the person’s viewpoint
  • Understand how non-verbal communication and feedback influence how your message comes across

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Coaching Your Team

How exactly does a supervisor coach employees? What do coaches do? Practice coaching methods to help guide your employees through those tough development conversations. Discover seven characteristics of a coach, develop questions to engage employees in coaching conversations and practice holding different coaching conversations.

This workshop is idea for supervisors and managers.

Through Coaching Your Team, you will:

  • Discover seven characteristics of a coach
  • Develop questions to engage employees in coaching conversations
  • Practice holding different coaching conversations

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Develop Your Team Performance

Add employee coaching to your supervisory tool belt! Effective coaches offer their employees leadership opportunities through development while promoting a positive, creative working environment.  This workshop examines performance management via case studies and activities to help supervisors become employee motivators and provides the GAP model for supervisors to use for improving employee performance.

This workshop is idea for supervisors and managers.

Through Develop Your Team Performance, you will:

  • Discover the benefits of quality performance management
  • Practice the GAP change model for improving employee performance
  • Identify methods to help motivate employees
  • Explore resources and proactive steps, informally and formally, that are available to improve employee performance

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Employment Law and Harassment Prevention (BC 4 hrs)

What is the ADEA? Or FLSA? How about ADAAA? Does your mind spin trying to keep up with constantly changing employment laws? Can you spot or prevent sexual harassment in the workplace? What should you do if a harassment complaint is brought to your attention? This workshop examines what supervisors and managers should know to maintain a working knowledge of federal and state laws/regulations that impact employment at Kent State.

Through Employment Law and Harassment Prevention, you will gain:

  • A  fundamental understanding of the following laws:
    • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
    • Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA)
    • Americans with Disabilities Act as Amended (ADAAA)
    • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
  • Insight to the role a supervisor plays in preventing harassment in the workplace

This workshop is designed for managers and supervisors, but relevant for all faculty and staff.

This workshop counts as 4 hours toward your annual Beyond Compliance goal.

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Focus Your Strengths

Prerequisite: Clifton Strengths assessment and 1-hour feedback meeting with a certified strengths coach

Welcome to the world of leadership! How will you lead others? How do the supervisor and coworker roles differ?  What does it take to be a successful supervisor? What should you do when taking the leap? All these questions are important considerations. Applying their top five Clifton Strengths, learners consider different aspects of adopting a supervisory mindset by exploring issues that affect the transition from coworker to supervisor.

This workshop is designed for managers and supervisors, but relevant for all faculty and staff.

Through Focus Your Strengths, you will:

  • Approach your leadership style from a strengths-based standpoint
  • Identify personal traits and skills that set you up for success as a new leader
  • Focus on adopting a leader’s mindset and role expectations
  • Develop a leadership philosophy for going forward

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Project Planning Basics

Research shows that one hour of proper planning saves 10 hours of ‘doing’.  This workshop explores the planning process and rationale behind making problem-solving and decision-making easier. Learners engage in the ‘basics’ of planning a project, focusing on step-by-step instructions and tools to help eliminate problems before they arise. Learners walk away with hands-on experience using various methods and techniques to construct an effective plan from the ground up.

This workshop is idea for supervisors and managers.

Through Planning Basics, you will:

  • Create a project plan using a seven step planning process
  • Identify internal and external conditions through a SOAR analysis
  • Incorporate SMART goals to enrich the planning process
  • Identify and apply various decision-making strategies during a scenario

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Understand Your Role

As a leader, how can I create the best work environment for my team? The environment a supervisor creates impacts many areas including employee development, relationships, retention and more. Continuing from Focus Your Strengths, this introductory workshop overviews four critical roles that supervisors must understand when guiding their teams. 

  • Creating Work Plans
  • Coaching/Developing Your People
  • Managing Performance
  • Building Effective Relationships

This workshop is designed for managers and supervisors, but relevant for all faculty and staff.

Through Understand Your Role, you will:

  • Overview four crucial roles that lead to supervisor excellence
  • Practice supervisor skills in the four areas
  • Develop a personal action plan

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