Team Building

C.A.R.E.S. (BC 2.0hrs)

Learn amazing tools to enhance your customer service skills. The CARES service model fosters a culture that consistently provides value to the university community.

Through CARES, you will:

  • Learn the CARES service model
  • Align the university’s mission and vision with your campus, division or departmental goals and customize the CARES service model to best fit your mission and vision
  • Design your CARES model

This training is by request only Email for more information.

Human Resources Hiring Certification

This course provides consistent and comprehensive information across the university regarding the hiring process.

  • Understand the effects of affirmative action during the hiring process
  • Apply knowledge of various employment laws and regulations to make effective hiring decisions
  • Complete the job search and interview process
  • Complete the necessary steps and forms to move your candidates along during the hiring process

This course is intended for all faculty and staff involved in the hiring process (such as a hiring manager) or serving on a search committee. 

You must score an 80% to pass the course.  Certifications are valid for 2 years.  

This course is open to all faculty and staff through Canvas. 

Interview Dynamics (BC 2hrs)

Do you have a plan when interviewing candidates? Do you have a tough time gathering information from potential employees? Most interviewers don’t know what to ask or ask the wrong questions, leading to bad hires and worse. During this workshop, learners become ‘interviewing dynamics’ and discover best practices for conducting behavioral based interviews in the workplace. Learners will create behavioral questions to give them the best chance to gather candidate information, develop a candidate evaluation strategy to achieve the best results - before, during and after the interview, and discover how to guide the interview conversation to get the answers to make the best hire.

This workshop is ideal for all Kent State employees involved in the hiring process.

Through Interview Dynamics, you will:

  • Develop a candidate evaluation strategy to achieve the best results - before, during and after the interview
  • Discover and practice a step-by-step interview process that eliminates commonly made mistakes
  • Learn how to form proper behavioral questions that give you the best chance to gather candidate information
  • Practice a four step method to form a comprehensive picture of your candidates

Register for Interview Dynamics (Online) Here

Measuring Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence can be defined as the ability to incorporate emotions into your decision making for optimal outcomes. Kent State utilizes the MSCEIT (Mayer Salovey Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test) model to measure your EI ability across the four key areas of Identifying, Using, Understanding and Managing emotions. You can take this EI online test and then engage in a personal consultation with a certified MSCEIT professional in HR to interpret your results. Participants receive their detailed test results along with areas of strengths and potential opportunities for development. Contact Training and Development at 330-672-2100 or for more information and to schedule your EI test and consultation.

A fee is associated with the MSCEIT assessment.  Contact Training and Development for pricing options.  

Training link coming soon.

Team Building While Thinking Out of the Box

This workshop is by appointment and is intended for intact work teams. Kent State University relies more and more on teams to innovate, problem solve, and continuously improve performance. Understanding and capitalizing on individual strengths and approaches to group processes is crucial to creating high performance teams.

Participants complete an online self-assessment to learn to work from their strengths by identifying their most natural team role, while giving them added appreciation for the contributions of others. As a result, team innovation and productivity increase as conflict and project-cycle time decrease.

Participants will receive a customized report on their strengths and opportunities and an aggregate group report indicating overall team strengths and team opportunities for improvement.

Contact Training and Development for further information at 330-672-2100 or