Transitional Work Program Overview

A. What is a Transitional Work Program?

The Transitional Work Program (TWP) is a progressive and individualized program of modified work and healthcare that supports an employee’s recovery from a work-related injury or illness that requires temporary work restrictions or accommodations. Our mission is to provide suitable work options or reasonable accommodations to enable a timely return to regular duties.

B. How will this program benefit YOU as an employee? 

Participation in this program will ensure that your family has no loss of income while you are recovering and performing a suitable transitional work assignment. Eligible participants may receive therapy at the work-site during scheduled work hours with our preferred provider. Transitional work therapy may include:

  • Objective assessments of worker restrictions, job demands, accommodation options,
  • Prescription and progression of suitable therapy and transitional work activities,
  • Instruction in safe work practices (pacing, body mechanics) to reduce re-injury risk.
C. Who is eligible to participate? 

Program benefits are available to any AFSCME-represented employee who sustains an injury or illness that results in lost time or medically-documented restrictions that limits essential job functions.

D. What is expected from the injured worker? 
  • Notify your supervisor immediately following a work-related injury. He or she will assist you with completing the Accident/Injury Form.
  • Make sure all appropriate forms and instructions are given to your doctor.
  • Comply with requirements for post-injury drug or alcohol screen.
  • Deliver all initial medical evaluation paperwork, follow-up progress reports and work restriction updates to your supervisor or TWP Manager on the same day if possible.
  • Cooperate fully with all recommended transitional work and healthcare activities.
E. Important details of how the program works 
  • Your supervisor and TWP manager will work together to accommodate any necessary work restrictions and encourage a safe transition back to regular duties.
  • The TWP activities must be approved by your doctor.
  • Your doctor will recommend initial work restrictions (such as: no lifting >10-lbs).
  • If you agree to participate, you will continue to be paid at the rate of your primary job and will be entitled to full benefits.
  • The transitional work program can last up to 12 weeks, based on progress in therapy or progress of work tasks.
  • No overtime is available while in a TWP.
  • Any medical appointments, other than transitional work therapy, must be scheduled on your personal time (outside scheduled work hours).
  • If an employee is unable to return to his/her regular duties within 12 weeks, the TWP will determine the feasibility of a four-week extension.
TWP Manager: Karen Watson (330)-672-4636, Cell 330-322-9732
TWP Coordinator: Marianne Pickering (330) 672-8317