Exercise Leadership for the Older Adult-Health Sciences

The Exercise Leadership for the Older Adult Program is available for community members 65 years of age and older. The exercise class meets every semester from 11 a.m. - noon Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. 

The class offers group cardio and resistance routines and one-on-one training that is led and supervised by graduate and masters level students studying in the exercise physiology program at Kent State. Undergraduates and graduates aid the participants in leading various exercises. The students will also provide physical fitness assessments and a biometric screening in order to assist you with your personal health goals.

Website:  http://www.kent.edu/ehhs/hs/exph/exercise-programs

Eligible:  KSU employees, older adult community members.

Cost:  $100 per semester, but can be waived for special needs individuals.

Additional Information: Physician’s consent is required for participation.