Financial Wellness Programming

Financial Wellness for You

Financial wellness refers to the state of financial well-being. This includes a strong financial foundation of little or no debt, an emergency savings fund and living below our means. Like any other form of wellness, this does not happen without knowledge, skills, commitment and planning. 

Let our financial wellness team help you to reach your financial well-being goals. Below you will find a series of workshops centered on various aspects of financial well-being. We encourage you to take advantage of these complimentary workshops for Kent State University employees.  

Oct. 12, 2021 

12-1 pm 


Junk Choices: The Influence of Advertising

This session sheds light on our spending culture and how social demands of new technology, advertising and new financial products can place pressure on an individual and family. By identifying ways in which advertisers use media to sell products, it helps bring awareness to the best ways to adapt and shape a personal attitude towards our own finances. 

Register to attend Junk Choices: The Influence of Advertising - registration opens 8/1/2021

*Financial Wellness Workshops through Oct. 15 are worth 10 (ten) Tier 2 wellness points. (limit 40 wellness points in this category)