Fit for Life-Health Sciences

The Fit for Life workshop targets community, faculty, staff and Kent State students in a supervised exercise setting.

This 60-minute class typically begins with a warm-up of stretching and calisthenics, followed by a choice of aerobics (walking, jogging, bicycling, aqua aerobics & more). Next, to strengthen muscle groups through the range of motion, is an anaerobic workout using light weights. Finally, you will cool-down through light stretching and relaxation exercises. 

Participants will also take part in a series of functional fitness tests both at the beginning and completion of the semester. These tests are aimed at evaluating flexibility, balance and strength. 

Contact:  Dr. Angela Ridgel, ASCM-EP


Fit for Life Website

Eligible:  KSU students, employees, community.

Cost:  *This is a 1 credit hour workshop 

Additional Information: Physician’s consent is required for participation. The program’s activities are led by graduate level students under the supervision of Dr. Angela Ridgel.

*Faculty and staff enrolling in the workshop may use their faculty/staff tuition waiver benefit. To register for workshops, students do not have to formally apply to Kent State University. There is no application or matriculation fee.  

For registration information visit, select the semester and scroll to Fit for Life.