Get Fit Don't Sit

May 12, 2022 - 11:30 am to 1 pm
Walking Track behind DeWeese Health Center

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Research shows that sitting for long periods of time increases the risk of health complications. The originators of Get Fit Don't Sit day, the American Diabetes Association, recommends breaking up sitting time with three or more minutes of light physical activity—such as walking, leg extensions, or overhead arm stretches—every 30 minutes. At Kent State University, we value the health of our faculty, staff and students and desire to provide opportunities to get moving-today and every day.

Join us as we get up and move on May 12. The Employee Wellness Team and Recreational Services will host an Open Walk, Poker Walk and a Poker Walk Plus this year for Get Fit Don’t Sit Day. Details include: 

  • Open Walk: Grab your walking shoes, water bottle and a friend and come join us on the blue walking track behind DeWeese Health Center.  Join us when you can for as long as you can during this time.
  • Poker Walk: Walk 5 laps around the walking track, and after each lap you will receive one card for your hand. Participants must walk the route 5 times to earn a complete poker hand. Participants turn in their complete hands (5 cards) to the dealer, who then determines which participant has the winning poker hand for that round
  • Poker Walk Plus: This works the same as a Poker Walk, except after each lap, participants will also perform a brief exercise move prior to receiving their card. After 5 laps, participants will have completed a full body workout! Beth Michel, Assistant Director, Fitness and Wellness, will be there to lead you through the workout, provide your cards, and identify the winner.

Registration is preferred so that in the event of adverse weather, we can notify registrants. Please click here to register.

Note: All activities will take place at the track and field area behind DeWeese Health Center. In the case of adverse weather, all activities will take place at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center on the upper track during the same time. 

Whether you are coming to stretch your legs, walk, run, or do a full workout…let’s get on the move together for Get Fit Don’t Sit Day on May 12!  There will be light refreshments and all participants will be entered into our prize drawings. 

For questions related to health and wellness offerings for Kent State University faculty and staff, please contact Employee Wellness and Health Promotion at 330-672-0392 or