Mindful Mondays With Daron

Are you curious about this whole mindfulness practice? Perhaps you just want to “make it work” but you’re not sure if you are doing it the right way.  Would you be relieved to know that there is not a wrong way or a right way but rather your way of becoming more focused, self-aware and resilient?  When you realize that mindfulness is much more than breath awareness and relaxation, you start to notice opportunities to practice throughout the day even at work. Join one of the most skillful and down to earth mindfulness coaches, Daron Larson, and discover ways you can sneak mindfulness into your day to increase your ability to focus and decrease stress through your own practice of mindfulness.

Daron practices and shares doable, challenging, liberating ways to practice mindfulness. He helps people develop attention skills that lead to feeling more at home in the messiness of real life–to savor pleasant moments more, and fight less with the unpleasant ones. He also offers individualized mindfulness coaching as an employee benefit through Kent State's EAP, IMPACT Solutions

Join one of the most skillful and down to earth mindfulness coaches, Daron Larson, for Mindful Mondays where we’ll put talk into practice. Where you will gain confidence that your way of practicing mindfulness is the right way!  You will also have time to Q & A with Daron by submitting questions before or after a session using the “Ask Daron” link in the Resources section of this page or in the Chat section of our Zoom virtual session.  And speaking of Zoom, when we are practicing our mindful meditation, we’ll be turning the video off.  When we’re engaging with our Mindful Monday community with questions and talk, we’d love to see your KSU faces.

Mindful Mondays - 8:30-9:00 a.m. 

Stay tuned - Spring 2023 Mindful Mondays will be announced soon.

This session is open to all full and part-time faculty/staff.  For full-time, benefits-eligible employees participating in the Wellness Your Way program, each session will be worth 10 points for the Tier 2 "Mindfulness" category.


Don't Try to Be Mindful, TEDxColumbus 2015

Daron Larson   

Experience Mindfulness by Hearing Sounds, WBNS 10TV Mindful Moments, May 2020

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