Mindfulness Mondays with Daron: Frequently Asked Questions

Mindful awareness is so deeply human that you really don’t need anyone to teach you how to do it. However, it’s so counter-instinctual and paradoxical that you probably need someone to convince you it’s worth doing (habitually) and that you’re not doing it wrong when you try.

This page serves as a resource for getting your questions about mindfulness answered. It will grow organically based on the common challenges people run into. We encourage you to contribute by asking questions during and between practice sessions. 

It helps to remember that mindfulness practice is about developing attention-related skills over time rather than experiencing special, temporary mental or emotional states. It’s not a way to escape the challenges of life, but a set of tools for engaging more fully with the inevitable messiness of life. 

When people take up an exploration of mindfulness practice, they often report remembering ways they paid attention during childhood and strategies they’ve developed along the way. These discoveries are significant because they reveal that your base level mindfulness and ways to personalize your exploration to fit your personality, interests, and challenges. 

A fundamental challenge is that it’s really easy to convince yourself that you’re doing mindfulness wrong when you’re doing it right. As with any skill development, it takes time and practice to get better at interpreting your experiences of engaging with mindfulness exercises.

When you run into an obstacle, you can be sure that others are running into something similar. Let’s get as many of them out on the table so we can all learn how to navigate them. 

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