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We all hear that word all the time, don't we? Network! Connect with others!  Find a mentor! Ask for advice! But, those questions are often followed by more questions - like where, from whom, and how??? I'm happy to say there is now an answer...and it's called The iSchool Alumni Network. Our goal is to harness, connect, and share the experience and influence of iSchool grads from years past, from today and from tomorrow to help one another succeed, to support the school and, ultimately, to strengthen our industry as well.

Formed in 2017, so far we've put together our board and are now working on establishing our contact points and platforms, so you can connect with us. We'll soon be on Facebook, Linked In, and the school's alumni page just for starters. We'd originally thought we'd reach out to you, via a survey and by building an alumni database, but we quickly realized that would be not only a monstrous but an ineffective use of our energies. Rather, we're going to create places where YOU can connect with us, in order to benefit from the services and resources we plan to add in the future. For one, we'd like to develop an "Ad Hoc Mentoring" service. Webinars and podcasts have also been discussed that would share expert advice on job searching. And, who knows, we might even end up hosting an annual Career Day that can be streamed virtually around the country (and beyond?)

Email us! Send your suggestions and your ideas. Tell us what would help you the most to become a successful professional. Our organization is new and looking for both input and support. So, when you see our new platforms advertised (and we’ll share links to them in this newsletter) - please connect!

There are two things to remember about the iSchool Alumni Network. First, EVERY graduate of SLIS/iSchool is automatically a member and, second, YOU are the most important piece of the network we're building!

Catherine Hakala-Ausperk, President

Holly Klingler, Vice President

Emmalee Coontz, Board Member

Ugoma Gilbert, Board Member

Alexandra Bell, Board Member

Greg Stall, Board Member & Communications Officer