Career Resources for Students/Alumni

Information professionals work in a broad range of institutions and organizations.

As the field continually evolves, opportunities exist for iSchool graduates in both traditional and non-traditional information roles. iSchool graduates are employed in a variety of for profit and not-profit institutions with a wide range of responsibilities.

We know that our students are hardworking and eager to contribute to the profession upon graduation. The internship and job search process can be overwhelming so we hope that providing you with the following resources will help you devise a plan for a successful search! Whether you are a current student ready to enter the field or an alumnus wanting to refine your career possibilities, these resources are here for you!

Internship Resources & Opportunities


Internships are an excellent way to gain hands-on experience and develop new and rekindle old skills. They can also improve your chances of finding related employment. They provide a way for you to network under the guidance and mentorship of an information professional. 

How can you find an internship?

  • Work with your academic advisor to locate potential organizations in your specialization and location that will allow you the best experience.
  • You can also peruse this internship portal to find new opportunities that match your learning objectives.
  • If you are looking for an internship that will count as graduate credit toward your degree, please contact your academic advisor during the semester before you intend to enroll in the internship. This will allow you plenty of time to discuss the requirements and deadlines. It is advised to do this before contacting the site to ensure that an internship opportunity will qualify for your degree program.

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Career Resources & Opportunities

Career Resources

Ultimately your goal is to gain employment in the information profession. We have many resources to help you land the job that you want.

  • KSU Career Exploration and Development: This website allows both students and alumni access to valuable career resources. Watch videos and peruse through the links and information offering interviewing and resume advice. Make an online or in-person appointment with a career advisor to discuss your search or to receive feedback on your job search materials. Practice your interviewing skills online with Interview Stream.
  • Check out our job portal. Organizations of all types post their employment opportunities here. 

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Looking for career and professional development information focused on your degree? Check out these links: