Continuing Study Courses & Workshops

Professionals in the information industry are invited to take individual courses and workshops that will advance your skills in a particular area. 

Most courses can be taken without enrolling in the degree program, with the exception of the "core" courses required of all Master of Library and Information Science students -- which are reserved for those students.

Check the course description in the University's Graduate Catalog to find out if the course that interests you is restricted or has any prerequisites.


Workshops offer professionals an opportunity to study select topics in depth, whether to refresh their skills or to learn new ones. Subjects vary from "Internet Sources for Company, Industry and Competitive Business Information" to "Database Design and Applications."

Current students may also enroll in workshops to supplement their coursework. Up to four (4) workshop credits may be counted toward the degree, as long as the workshop content does not overlap with related course content. To learn more, contact us by email at