Digital Laboratory

Opened in 2010, the state-of-the-art Digital Laboratory was created to give students hands-on experience with digital library and digital preservation technologies. Facilities include digitization workstations where students can gain experience in the reformatting of books, manuscripts, photographs, large format visual materials, and audiovisual materials.

Highlights of the digital workstations include a scanner that has the capability to digitize slides and transparencies, a book cradle for bound volumes, a copy stand for posters and architectural drawings, and a dozen different legacy audio and video players, which allow students to transfer decades-old analog recordings to current digital formats.

Kent State SLIS has one of only a few programs in the nation that teaches how to digitize obsolete analog formats, particularly for audiovisual materials. (Digitization is the conversion of analog information into digital information, which makes the data accessible to users because it can be made available online.) The Digital Laboratory is also used for seminar courses in digital libraries and preservation, with space for up to 15 students. Instructional equipment includes video projection, a LCD high-definition television, and a combination VHS/Blue-Ray DVD player.

For more information about the Digital Laboratory, contact iSchool Associate Professor Karen F. Gracy, Ph.D., at or 330-672-0049.