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Digital Librarianship and Digital Initiatives

What Is It?

A digital library is one in which a significant proportion of the resources are available in digital format (as opposed to print or microform), accessible by means of computers and Web-accessible devices. The digital content may be locally held or accessed remotely via Web-based services. For a distributed example, see the Mountain West Digital Library established by the Utah Academic Library Consortium and California Digital Library. (Source: Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science)  

What Can I Do With This Background?

Collection, preservation, and presentation of digital information in all formats; development of systems linking the users to the vast print and online collections within a library and beyond; digital project management.  

In Addition to the Required Core Courses, What Courses Should I Take? 

Key electives for this specialization include:

  • 60631 Introduction to Digital Preservation
  • 60637 Metadata Architectures and Implementations
  • 60638 Digital Libraries
  • 60639 Implementations of Digital Libraries
  • 60651 Digital Image Processing and Collection Management

For additional course options for this specialization, please consult with your academic advisor.  

What Professional Organizations Are Relevant to This Career Path?