Faculty Candidate Presentation: Patricia Garcia | School of Information | Kent State University

Faculty Candidate Presentation: Patricia Garcia

  • SLIS Classroom 332
  • Presentation Abstract — Beyond Folksonomies: Assessing the 'Participatory Turn' in Archival Studies

​Cultural heritage institutions have increasingly begun to solicit public participation and user engagement. In the field of archival studies, the term “participatory archive” is used to describe archival projects that invite users to participate in a variety of archival processes, such as providing descriptive metadata or contributing archival materials to help improve collections. Optimistic about the affordances of networked technologies, a large majority of projects seek user engagement in an online context through digital collections and web-based interactive platforms. However, optimism about the new possibilities that networked technologies provide should not allow the movement toward online participatory archives and the call for increased public participation to go unexamined. This presentation will investigate the multifarious nature of online archival participation and propose a framework for assessing how digital archives facilitate (or fail to facilitate) the ability for communities to engage in various dimensions of participation, such as the capacity to make ownership decisions regarding the use of digital cultural heritage materials.

Patricia Garcia is a Ph.D. candidate in information studies at the University of California, Los Angeles. She holds an M.L.I.S. from UCLA, a master's in English literature from University of Texas, Austin, and a bachelor's in English literature from St. Edward's University. She has worked as an instructor in Archival Appraisal and Description at the University of Hong Kong, EASTICA; guest lecturer at UCLA; and bilingual second grade teacher in Austin. She currently works in Technical Services, Rare Book Cataloging and Archival Processing, at William Andrews Clark Memorial Library. For more information, visit http://ucla.academia.edu/PatriciaGarcia.