Faculty Candidate Presentation: Timothy D. Bowman | School of Information | Kent State University

Faculty Candidate Presentation: Timothy D. Bowman

  • SLIS Classroom 332
  • Presentation Abstract — To Tweet or Not to Tweet: The Investigation of Scholarly Communication in Online Environments

The presentation and communication of scholars in computer-mediated environments is important to examine from multiple viewpoints as scholars are increasingly using a variety of social media platforms including both general social media tools and those geared toward scholarly activity to communicate and interact. Through the study of large-scale altmetric data (as collected by altmetric.com) and scholarly output as collected by large bibliometric databases (e.g., arXiv, PubMed, Web of Science), and by utilizing a mixed-methods, interdisciplinary approach, one can investigate the online social contexts in which scholars present themselves and consume and disseminate scholarly output. I will describe my own work in this area that has examined such issues as scholarly self-presentation through online profile images, findings from an in-depth analysis of astrophysicists on Twitter, and how scholars can make use of affordances in Twitter to frame personal and professional tweets. Research in this area will lead to a better understanding of the importance of the environment in which scholars are communicating about science and the ways in which scholars make use of these environments to do such things as manage their own impressions, build social capital, and limit the costs of finding new information.

Timothy D. Bowman is a doctoral candidate in information science at Indiana University, Bloomington. He has a Master of Information Science from IU-Bloomington and a Bachelor of Science in neuropsychology with a minor in fine arts from IU-Terre Haute. He has worked as an adjunct and guest lecturer at IU and research professional at the Université de Montréal, Quebec. For more information, visit http://indiana.academia.edu/TimothyDBowman.


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