HI Pulse Webinar: The Benefits Start Early with the EMR Adoption Model (EMRAM) | School of Information | Kent State University

HI Pulse Webinar: The Benefits Start Early with the EMR Adoption Model (EMRAM)


The pinnacle of success in the world of healthcare technology is obtaining HIMSS Stage 7 utilizing the EMR Adoption model (EMRAM). Stage 7 is an internationally recognized award and brings great prestige to a hospital by demonstrating that an organization is fully electronic and provides high quality care to their patients.

Reaching Stage 7 is a journey with positive benefits for the patient, beginning in Stage 1. This presentation will walk through the EMRAM Stages and discuss the clinical advantages as organizations implement technology and processes reflected on the EMRAM scale.

The journey starts with Stage 1, implementing radiology, laboratory and pharmacy software that creates the foundation of increased access to patient data. Incorporating a scanning component to digitize paper, electronic clinician documentation, and integrating PACs images and reports improves patient safety. Closed Loop Medication Administration and Clinical Decision Support have been proven to decrease medical errors, which save lives. As organizations progress through the Stages of the EMRAM model, they increase their continuity of care and patient safety benefits.

This presentation will explain each EMRAM stage and provide clinicians with specific information validating the need to begin the journey toward Stage 7. Often the EMRAM project is led by IT staff; however, a cross-functional team including representation from HIM, IT, clinical and pharmacy is the key to success in this endeavor.

Attendees will come away from this presentation understanding the challenges of utilizing technology, but also see the value that comes to patients and clinicians when technology is implemented in a thoughtful and meaningful way. This presentation will give attendees the needed knowledge to lead their organizations forward with technology.

As a registered nurse for more than 35 years, Lorna Green, RN, BSN, has worked in a number of healthcare environments – including ICU, surgery, home health and medical/surgical units, and as a school nurse – before transitioning to informatics and health information technology in 1999. She is a HIMSS Analytics Certified EMRAM Educator, and a customer advisor and consultant at Hyland software since 2010. Her experience in clinical processes and the use of technology within the healthcare environment provides thought leadership to hospital organizations around the globe.

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