HI Pulse Webinar: Clinical Data Intelligence, Bi Modal HIT & Design Thinking


A huge amount of waste exists across health systems with duplicate efforts reinterpreting patient chart data many times over. A solution to this problem represents significant cost savings by addressing and activating a dynamic process up front in the clinical workflow resulting in an exponential impact within real time patient care, back end processes and closed loop predictive modeling. A lot of worthy focus is placed on EMR interoperability and new web data standards for healthcare but without data veracity all these efforts are moot.

Still the solution is elusive for most health systems due in part to the data challenges of EMR’s that are notoriously onerous to customize—as well as understanding the clinical nuances of stored data.

Yet, with some breakthrough discoveries all health systems will want to learn from, Cleveland Clinic has developed a real-time decision support system with admirable results. With this, the ability to liberate high fidelity data from the proprietary EMR bubble, using new standards like FHIR, becomes viable. To achieve this, Cleveland Clinic has constructed a team of developers and clinicians with overlapping clinical and technical knowledge using agile development methods versus traditional waterfall processes. The blend of skills and process has been key to the team’s success being able to trace data end-to-end. In addition to technical expertise, Cleveland Clinic’s team has demonstrated success by persistently and patiently navigating a bureaucratic structure of policy and legacy enterprise EMR’s common to many large health systems.

Brent Hicks is Director of Clinical Solutions with responsibility for leading an internal health care IT R&D team focused on developing innovative technologies with HIT.  Brent has been at the Cleveland Clinic since 2009 prior to that, he worked within health care IT developing nationwide systems with the NHS in England and the Veterans Administration and within hospital systems for Northshore Health System and Northwestern Hospital. Presentations and publications include CCJM; co-author; Epic UGM, mHealth, AUA, RSNA and HIMSS.

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