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User Experience Design Student and Faculty Chat

Kent State SLIS User Experience Design (UXD) program will host its monthly student and faculty chat on Tuesday, May 3, 2016, at 8 p.m. Eastern time. The topics will include UXD on a large scale and the research and design for products and services that have thousands of daily users.

The guest speakers include a stellar group of practitioners who work at a massive scale on large sites and product lines.

Phillip Hunter joined the Amazon Web Services team in 2014 to strengthen the user experience of their popular product line. Previously, Phillip worked to help Microsoft extend its re-focus on good experience design and product collaboration. Using system, experience and interaction design, Hunter has twice engineered the overhaul of UX strategies at various companies. He's led several design teams and has been an active organizer and member of design communities.

Jonathan Morgan is currently the director of emerging experiences at Balance Product Development. He has led multidisciplinary design and development teams for some of the world’s most iconic brands including Kraft, Marriott, Timberland and Uniqlo. The aggregate number of users that experience his work per month is nearly 10 million. Jonathan earned his Master of Science in Information Architecture and Knowledge Management from Kent State University.

Andrew Todd is the director of web development at Extron Electronics, a leading AV manufacturer in Anaheim, Calif., and has more than 20 years of experience in the internet, web and mobile domains. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Management and Technology from Syracuse University and is completing a master’s in the UXD concentration at Kent State.

Kent State alum Jen Ellis joined Cox Automotive-Autotrader's UX architecture team last fall. Prior to Autotrader she worked with Progressive in Ohio for several years.

Scott Harriman is also part of the Cox Automotive-Autotrader UX architecture team. Harriman is completing a master’s in the UXD concentration at Kent State.

If you’re interested in participating, please visit and follow the directions there.