UX Design Live Chat: March 2017 | School of Information | Kent State University

UX Design Live Chat: March 2017


Sunya Yendo, Account Manager with The Creative Group, will be our guest for the March UX Design Live Chat. Her topic is titled "Live to your intention through design, and how to become a 'rock star' on the job market."

If you love magic, mystery, mythology, art and inspiration and you want a killer portfolio to take to market, then don’t miss Sunya Yendo’s presentation. Sunya, an alchemist of possibilities, has lived through the lens of design not only through corporate and agency but also experimental. 

A graduate of Pratt Institute, Sunya spent the first 15 years of her career in New York City as a designer. From product to web; production to creative lead; marketing collateral to large public art installations; employee to owner. Sunya has a very broad perspective of the design field and currently works for The Creative Group as a consultant helping to build out creative teams in NE Ohio.

She wants you to win the job lotto and is going to explain how to manifest the top jobs on the market.

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