Health Informatics (Post-Bachelor's) Graduate Certificate Curriculum | School of Information | Kent State University

Health Informatics (Post-Bachelor's) Graduate Certificate Curriculum


Note: Courses below are marked with the semesters in which they are usually offered. Schedules are subject to change, but this serves as a guideline for how a student might progress through the program.

Required Courses (15 credit hours)

  • IAKM 60401 Health Information Management (fall, spring, summer)
  • IAKM 60403 Health Information Systems (fall, spring)
  • IAKM 60410 Health Records Management (fall)
  • IAKM 60413 Leadership Studies (spring, summer)
  • IAKM 60412 Clinical Decision Support Systems (spring)

Elective (3 credit hours)

Choose one of the following:

  • IAKM 60002 Knowledge Organization Structures, Systems and Services (spring)
  • IAKM 60311 Business Process Management (summer)
  • IAKM 60402 Legal Issues in Health Information Management (fall)
  • IAKM 60414 Human Factors and Usability in Health Informatics (fall, spring)
  • IAKM 60415 Research in Health Experience Design (fall, spring)
  • IAKM 604XX Course specifically approved by your HI advisor