Library Management | School of Information | Kent State University

What Is It?

Library managers, such as department heads, branch managers, and assistant/deputy/associate directors, and are typically middle managers responsible for the operation of departments or other functional areas such as all library branches. As managers they may be responsible for work schedules, employee evaluations, training, and managing budgets. Branch managers, in particular, can have additional director-like responsibilities, such as overseeing the condition of the facility or involvement in local neighborhood groups and projects. (Source: American Library Association)

What Can I Do With This Background?

Administration/management; planning, budgeting, policymaking, personnel management, public relations, and program assessment. (Source: Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science)

In Addition to the Required Core Courses, What Classes Should I Take?

Key electives for this specialization include:

  • 60608 The Public Library
  • 60609 Marketing the Library
  • 60615 The Academic Library
  • 60616 The Special Library

For additional course options for this specialization, please consult with your academic advisor.

What Professional Organizations Are Relevant to This Career Path?