Master of Science: User Experience Design

The Master of Science in user experience design (UXD) is your ticket to an advanced degree in an exciting, emerging field.

The UXD program at Kent State University is designed to prepare professional user experience designers to work in agencies and within organizations and to immerse students in the following major components of the field: information architecture, usability, content strategy, organization of information, and user research. All courses are offered conveniently online.

If you ...

  • Are curious about human behavior.
  • Annoy your friends and family with incessant critiques of bad design.
  • Are passionate.
  • Love to play with techno gadgets, but probably aren’t a programmer.
  • Are thick-skinned.
  • Are busy with full-time work, family and other obligations.
  • Are rooted geographically.
  • Are looking to transition into an exciting design career.

... then this program might be for you.

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