M.S. User Experience Design Culminating Experience | School of Information | Kent State University

M.S. User Experience Design Culminating Experience

The final requirement for any master's degree is a chance for you to bring together everything you have learned, to investigate a topic or have an experience that will serve as a launch pad to your career. 

Students must choose one of the following for a minimum of 3 credit hours:

  • Professional Portfolio: most students choose this option as it helps them pull together all of their work in the program to present for their job searches.
  • Internship: to gain professional experience in an information or knowledge organization under the guidance of a professional in the field and faculty advisor (3 credit hours);
  • Master's project: to focus on solving a specific problem for an information or knowledge organization under the collaborated guidance of a professional in the field and a faculty advisor (3 credit hours); or
  • Master’s paper to conduct research on a topic related to your future pursuits, but on a smaller scale than the Thesis (below). Students work with one advisor (3 credit hours); or
  • Thesis: to conduct thorough research on a topic related to your future pursuits under the guidance of a thesis committee with special attention from the chair (at least 6 credit hours).


The best option varies for each student. Choices should be made in consultation withyour faculty advisor and with your career goals in mind. Because of this very personal experience, the School has seen great variety in its research and projects. Some examples can be found on our Student Research page.

It is never too soon to plan for your final requirement. Choose your classes in consultation with your faculty advisor based on your professional goals and in preparation for your culminating experience.