Core/Introductory Courses (6 credit hours)

The core/introductory courses introduce you to the discipline of UXD, design thinking, sketching as way to generate and communicate ideas, design deliverables and portfolio creation. They also introduce you to the key aspects of the curriculum that will allow you and your instructors to delve more deeply into each aspect of UXD in carousel/specialist courses. The core/introductory courses are offered every semester.

  • UXD 60001 User Experience Design Principles and Concepts (3)
  • UXD 60002 User Experience Design in Practice (3)

Carousel/Specialist Courses (27 credit hours)

Carousel/specialist courses allow you to explore the ideas and practice of each facet of UXD in greater depth. The order in which you take these courses is dependent on when they are offered after you complete the core/introductory courses. You will take nine of these 10 courses — depending where you begin in the carousel rotation — and will substitute the culminating experience for one of these courses in the last semester.

  • UXD 60110 Information Technologies (3)
  • LIS 60636 Knowledge Organization Structures, Systems, and Services (3)
  • UXD 60104 Usability I (3)
  • UXD 60114 Usability II (3)
  • UXD 60101 Information Architecture I (3)
  • UXD 60112 60111 Information Architecture II (3)
  • UXD 60106 Content Strategy I (3)
  • UXD 60116 Content Strategy II (3)
  • UXD 60103 Researching the User Experience I (3)
  • UXD 60113 Researching the User Experience II (3)
  • UXD 61095 Special Topics in User Experience Design (3)

Culminating Experience (3-6 credit hours)

The culminating experience is taken during the last semester of coursework. That is, during your last semester in the program, you will take a Culminating Experience course (3-6 credits) in place of one of the carousel/specialist courses on the schedule for that semester.

  • UXD 66080 Professional Portfolio Design and Assessment (3)
  • UXD 66092 Master’s Internship in User Experience Design (3)
  • UXD 66098 Master’s Project in User Experience Design (3)
  • UXD 66198 Master’s Research Paper in User Experience Design
  • UXD 66199 Thesis I (6)