Lensenmayer Honored as “Mother, Mentor & Muse”

Noted as Inspiration to Students, Alumni, Colleagues

"Mothers, Mentors and Muses" is a signature event hosted annually by the Kent State University Women’s Center. It serves to recognize female-identifying faculty or staff who have made significant differences in the lives of students or colleagues. More than 300 women from the university have been recognized for this honor over the years. 

Nancy Lensenmayer, lecturer in the School of Library and Information Science, is among the 2016 honorees.

According to the nomination, Lensenmayer has significantly impacted lives by acting as muse and mentor — and sometimes “mother” — to SLIS students, as well as to her colleagues and SLIS alumni.

“She understands there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to the library and information science profession,” states the nomination. “Lensenmayer works closely with students to help them decide what will best allow them to achieve their career goals.” 

The nomination also mentions that she has a nurturing approach when dealing with students, which makes them feel at ease and confident about their academic and career choices.  Her passion is evident through her “tireless efforts to recruit and mentor students, encourage colleagues and celebrate alumni.”

The nomination also indicates that Lensenmayer serves as the School’s ambassador to the State Librarian, in addition to other key leaders in the profession in the Columbus area.  Lensenmayer works from the SLIS Columbus location in the State Library of Ohio.

“I was simultaneously surprised, humbled and delighted to receive the award announcement,” Lensenmayer said. 

She added that there are so many wonderful things about Kent State University, and she is reminded on an ongoing basis of the commitment and professional passion that members of the SLIS community share.

“Individually and collectively, we are all 'mothers, mentors and muses,'” she said.

Lensenmayer has more than 30 years of experience as a library and information professional within the public, academic and corporate sections of libraries. In addition to her role in SLIS, Lensenmayer serves as the Program Director for Education and Professional Development at OCLC (Online Computer Library Center Inc.) located in Dublin, Ohio. 

Lensenmayer received her Bachelor of Arts from Adrian College and her Master of Arts in Library Science from the University of Michigan. 

She was honored with the “class of 2016” Mothers, Mentors and Muses at a ceremony on March 8.