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School of Information Welcomes Friends & Alums to Kent State Library

The School of Information (iSchool. formerly School of Library & Information Science), while still located in the Kent State Library, encourages friends and alums of the College of Communication and Information to visit their facilities and meet their faculty & staff during the Taylor Hall reopening.  Our public spaces include the Reinberger Children's Library Center.

Why the iSchool?

The education and skills you acquire while earning your degree from the School of Information at Kent State University will prepare you for success in a number of potential career paths.

Information professionals are in demand in every sector of our society — from local schools and public libraries to government offices and major corporations. As we are inundated with information every day, someone needs to know how to root out what's relevant, important and accurate — and how to organize and present it in a way that makes sense.

Reinberger Children's Library Center

The Reinberger Children's Library Center supports and encourages scholarly research, provides professional training to students and practitioners and engages in activities and outreach throughout Northeast Ohio, the Columbus Metropolitan area and beyond.