Teen Librarianship | School of Information | Kent State University

What Is It?

‍A librarian who caters to the needs of the young adult population, ages 12 to 18. Job opportunities are available in public and school libraries.

Besides answering questions of library patrons, teen or young adult (YA) librarians contribute to many other areas of the library. Often, they are asked to provide computer and technology assistance or help patrons with homework. They select materials for the library's collection, such as books, audiobooks, games, CDs, and the like. From these materials, they regularly give booktalks as a means of helping teens know what new and interesting materials are available. In addition, YA librarians are in charge of planning activities for teens at the library, which can include both educational and recreational events, such as a summer reading programs and gaming tournaments. (Source: American Library Association)

What Can I Do With This Background?

User/reader services to young adults, reference, administration, outreach to schools and juvenile detention centers, information literacy.

In Addition to the Required Core Courses, What Classes Should I Take?

Key electives for this specialization include:

  • 60626 Library Materials and Services to Teens
  • 60630 Reference Sources and Services for Youth

For additional course options for this specialization, please consult with your academic advisor.


What Professional Organizations Are Relevant to This Career Path?